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Comfort Care HVAC specializes in air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation. We have been serving the Greater San Fernando Valley along with the San Gabriel Valley, since founded in the 1990s. We are, and always have been family owned and operated.

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Located in Glendale, CA, Comfort Care HVAC services the Los Angeles areas including Burbank, Pasadena, West LA, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Van Nuys, Northridge, as well as the Ventura County areas.

Individualized HVAC

We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer a variety of money-saving solutions. We combine our use of the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service to provide you with top quality service.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We service A/C Repair and A/C Installation jobs for residential homes, as well as businesses of all sizes. Our technicians offer fast and reliable service - just check out our amazing 5-Star reviews on Yelp for Air Conditioning Repair!

Reliable HVAC Professionals

Whether you need a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair on a heating or cooling unit, we are available to handle all of your all of your heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

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Air Conditioning and Heating Services


When it’s time to start choosing an air conditioning system to install, there are so many different brands to to pick from. Luckily for you, it’s not necessary to do all of the research yourself.


Air conditioner maintenance for your home is similar maintenance on your car: you won’t realize how much difference it makes until it’s been done, and after it’s been done, you won’t know how you lived without it.

Tune Up

How does a tune-up help you as a customer? We assure you that having a professional assist you with a Tune Up is a good investment.


AC repairs can be a hassle, but finding a great company to get your system working again doesn’t have to be.

Mini-Split HVAC Services

We recommend that you have your mini-split HVAC maintenance done at least twice a year, in the fall and again in the spring.


Air Conditioning and Heating Inspection Services in Los Angeles, California and Surrounding Areas


Comfort Care works on projects in the residential and commercial space

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Serving Los Angeles & The San Fernando Valley Since 1991

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Heating & Cooling Service in Los Angeles County and the Surrounding Areas! Trusted AC Maintenance, Furnace Installation, and More!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We suggest checking filters monthly. If you have a disposable type filter, (these usually have a cardboard edge), and if it is dirty, just replace it. Don't attempt to clean it.

  • Different systems have different filter locations. If you don't know where your filter is located, now would be a good time to learn! Usually, there is a removable filter access door in the return air duct next to the furnace or indoor unit. This can be in a basement, crawl-space, utility closet, garage, or attic.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, no matter what kind you have, should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. The best scenario is to have the heating system checked in the Fall and the air conditioning checked in the Spring. Oil-fired equipment should definitely be cleaned and serviced annually; at the beginning of each heating season.

  • Well, the optimum indoor range is around 35% relative humidity, but 30% to 40% tends to work best for many homes. If you go above this level, condensation on the windows can occur, breeding mold that leads to allergy and respiratory problems. Dust mites, the leading cause of allergies, thrive in as little as 50% relative humidity. Allergens like molds thrive in relative humidity conditions above 60%, leading to a variety of aliments including asthma, allergies and respiratory infections.

  • So yes, too much humidity is a bad thing! Too little humidity on the other hand, can lead to dry nose and throat, dry skin, and static electricity, which can also ruin electronic devices such as computers

  • A system that is too large will cool or heat your house quickly, but you may not feel comfortable. That's because it will satisfy the thermostat before it can adequately remove sufficient moisture from the air during the cooling mode, leaving you feeling sticky and humid. This could even lead to moisture and mold problems. And, the stress of short-cycling (too many starts and stops) will shorten the life of your equipment and increase your heating and cooling bills.


On a mission to leverage the power of technology for a greater good.

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